The truth behind the 100% renewable energy claim

Source: Ingka

A better reflection of the physics and economics of the grid

The electrical system must be kept in balance by matching electricity generation and consumption at all times. The Grid Operator usually manages this real-time balancing, and electricity market participants are required to match demand and supply in each “settlement period” (typically ranging between 5 and 60 minutes, depending on the market) and in each market area. In contrast, EAC schemes currently allow the matching of generation with consumption on a yearly or monthly basis. This allows consumers to claim, for example, the use of solar energy that was produced at noon in summer for consumption that happened overnight in winter.

Adding value to existing energy certificate schemes

In order to move from nominally 100% renewable energy to truly zero-carbon, we need to make sure that in each settlement period a match is made between a consumer and a Zero-Carbon source that is actually generating power at the very same time that consumption happens. It is that simple. In other words: a 24/7 match is required. Basically, it is what any unsuspecting person would expect if they hear about 100% renewable energy.

What is the role of FlexiDAO in all of this?

FlexiDAO has started to pull together technology and create software solutions that do precisely what EnergyTag has defined. I joined FlexiDAO in early 2020, coming from Powerpeers, which had a similar vision. During 2020 I still felt like we were crying in the wilderness. But this has radically changed over the past few months.



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FlexiDAO is a software provider in the energy sector aiming to accelerate the transition toward a decabornised world, leveraging on blockchain applications.